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Masterpost - Danger! - artist: ultra_fic - author: zeezeemagee

Art Prompt Title: Danger!
Art link: Original art here
Artist: ultra_fic

Notes: I wasn't sure where a writer would go with this. There was the option of it being interpreted as two Eliots or as Eliot and a twin (be that Lindsey from Angel or whoever). There was also the possibility of an Eliot/Parker friendship and/or romance. I was interested to see what a writer made of it - I wasn't disappointed with the results! :)

Title: Danger
Author: zeezeemagee
Beta(s): n/a
Disclaimer I don't own otherwise I would have money right now and I really do not.
Characters/Pairings: Eliot/Parker-ish, Hardison/Parker, slight Nate/Sophie if you squint real hard and pay very close attention to one line only, Eliot/Moreau though technically it's only mentioned and barely hinted at as anything besides business but it still totally counts.
Rating: T
Genre: Violence and General, Con and Heist, a little bit of angst
Warnings/spoilers: Eliot whumpage and Parker whumpage, blood
Word Count: 18,945
Summary: Eliot’s in trouble and it’s up to Parker to save him. The only problem is that it isn’t her Eliot she’s saving. No, Parker somehow found a way to travel through time. (Who really knows how? It is Parker after all.) Now she has to keep Eliot alive so he can find his path to the team and manage not to change it completely. And she has to find her way back to her own time too. Somehow. She hasn’t quite figured out how yet. Surprises keep popping up in her way.
Links to fic: on Livejournal or at Dreamwidth
Tags: !reversebigbang, artist: ultra_fic, author: zeezeemagee, year!2013/14
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