weaselett (weaselett) wrote in thebigbangjob,

Free for all Extended

I am extending the free for all until the 29th June - given how quiet it has been - and I will be doing a big promo push this week.

As a reminder you can writer or create any length/size of work you want, inspired by any of the works in the masterlist. Your work can be posted at anytime during the free for all period, in a comment on the work that inspired it.

Rules and guidelines are here.

And you can use the simple graphic below to promote the free for all if you wish.


Also if there is any interest in another big bang running in the near future, please let me know (it would be a standard big bang - given this round of the reverse big bang, I'm not sure if there will be another).

Any questions/concerns please let me know :)
Tags: !freeforall, !mod post, !pimping, year!2014
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