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Normal Big Bang 2011 - Masterpost

This year, we had a total of ten stories, which is 5 times as many as last year \o/ - so thank you all, for signing up, and for getting to the finish line. So much awesome. And with that, here are the links to all of those ten stories, and the art that accompanies them.


The Tower of Babble - written by mizzy2k with art by deadflowers5 & errant_evermore : slash, au, crack

I Still Remember - written be jendavis with art by cybel & ryuutchi : slash, post series

The One Step Too Far Job - written by theron09 with art by whiskyinmind & _bounce_ : slash, au

Under the Impression - written by serenelystrange with art by weaselett & raven_40 : ot3, slash, het, au

Keep Travelling On - written by sheryden with art by deannawesson & hollow_echos : slash, au

The Let's Make a Deal Job - written by telaryn & hickumu with art by errant_evermore & whiskyinmind : gen, crossover

The Out of The Blue Job - written by ultra_fic with art by tinylegacies : het, au

The Elephant in the Room - written by unavoidedcrisis with art by cybel & weaselett : ot3, het, au

Fire and Fast Bullets - written by errant_evermore & thejokerlaughs with art by hollow_echos & tinylegacies : gen, post apocalyptic, au, fusion/crossover

Beneath the Surface - written by yanzadracan with art by deannawesson : slash, het, au, fusion/crossover


And again, a big thank you to everyone who was involved, for both your patience and your enthusiasm - this year was amazing, and you are all responsible for making it so. I hope to see you all back, either for next year's normal big bang, or for the reverse big bang, that starts ever so soon ;)

The Big Bang Job Mod.
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