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Masterpost - Telaryn & Scout Lover (Fic) - Alinaandalion (Art)

Title: The Tangled Web Job
Author: and
Beta(s): We took care of each other.
Disclaimer Nothing owned, no profit made.
Characters/Pairings: Team, Damien Moreau, Director Conrad, Sterling, Nana, all canon pairings.
Rating: PG-13 leaning over the fence and shaking hands with R
Genre: Gen
Warnings/spoilers: Set after the events of The Last Dam Job, the story is directly drawn from events in The Experimental Job.
Word Count: 50,069
Summary: The threat issued by CIA Director Conrad at the end of The Experimental Job proves to be anything but idle. The team is blackmailed into working for the CIA to help gain control of the major nuclear pipeline into Iran. To accomplish this and keep their loved ones safe, they are forced to work with an old enemy towards a common goal.

What the CIA fails to realize is that catching the Leverage team and holding them are usually two different things.

What Nate fails to realize is that the price for squirming free of the government's grasp is likely to be higher than he expected.
Link(s) to fic:
On Livejournal: Part One; Part Two; Part Three; Part Four; Part Five; Part Six; Part Seven; Part Eight; Part Nine; Part Ten.
On Dreamwidth: Part One; Part Two
On AO3: http://archiveofourown.org/works/835577/chapters/1591098

Artist: alinaandalion
Art rating: PG-13
Art link: http://alinaandalion.livejournal.com/47414.html

Artwork - The Tangled Web Job photo tangledwebcover.jpg
Tags: !bigbang, artist: alinaandalion, author: scout_lover, author:telaryn, year!2013
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