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Masterlist - Reverse Big Bang 2013-14

This is the masterlist of the works posted as part of the Reverse Big Bang 2013-14 (the year of the two fics with death as a character ;)). A big thank you to everyone who has work included in this list for taking part, and creating some amazing works.

Any errors please let me know.

We play the hand we are dealt - ceares
Title: The Chargoggagoggmanchauggagoggchaubunagungamaugg Job
Author: valawenel
Characters/Pairings: The Team – Nate Ford, Eliot Spencer, Alec Hardison, Parker, Sophie Deveraux, canon pairings (in fact, no pairings in this one)
Rating: not sure – no cursing, sex, violence, except one small murder… let’s say PG 13
Genre: canon, case!fic, teamfic, episode-like story
Warnings/spoilers: No spoilers. This story is a part of The Texas Mountain Laurel Series, but it stands alone. No need to read anything else to understand this one. Warnings – well, it’s a little shocky. Keep in mind it’s episode-like story. If you haven’t seen it in Leverage episodes, it ain’t happening here, too.
Word Count: 13 400 words, 3 chapters
Summary: Boston, near the end of Season 4 – cca two months after The Season Six Job ( TTLM series), and between The Gold Job and The Radio Job ( Leverage Season 4) The Team has a new client, and they have just one day to see if they will take the job or not. Yet, even the simple recons aren’t always as simple as they seem.
Link to fic: The Chargoggagoggmanchauggagoggchaubunagungamaugg Job
We live in the dark because we like it that way- nessataleweaver
Title: The Double Solo Job
Author: walking_tornado
Characters/Pairings: Parker/Eliot, Hardison, OCs
Rating: PG-13 (series-level)
Genre: Drama, Post-series
Warnings/spoilers: : some violence, language, brief mentions of involuntary drug use, implied torture, OC death
Word Count: ~13k
Summary: Months after the three remaining Leverage team members part ways, Eliot's appearance complicates Parker's solo heist. (Post-series)
Link to fic: The Double Solo Job
What Happens in Vegas - cybel
Title: Where the Ocean Meets the Sky
Author: serenelystrange
Characters/Pairings: Parker, Eliot, Hardison. Parker/Hardison
Rating: Teen
Genre: Fluff, General
Warnings/spoilers: Spoilers for the finale
Word Count: 10,255
Summary: Parker drags the guys away to Las Vegas for some fun. A mish-mash of fluff and feels, and a little bit of work commences! - Written for the reverse bigbang, for cybel's lovely art. Hope you like it! Sorry if it doesn't live up to whatever you imagined, :)
Fic Masterpost on LJ / the fic on AO3
The Unexpected Guest- nessataleweaver
Title: Five times each member of the Leverage Team met Death and the one time they helped her/him… it? It’s kind of complicated.
Author: zeezeemagee
Characters/Pairings:Team, canon pairings, oc's, and a surprise!
Rating:T for teen, [technically PG-13 but rather safe than sorry]
Genre: Supernatural, fantasy, teamfic, casefic-ish, angst, drama, family
Warnings/spoilers: Pretty much the series. If you haven't seen Season One or Five be prepared for a shocker. Major character death, minor character death, oc death, a lot of violence, tried to make it as kid friendly as possible despite the material
Word Count: 30,352 [Oh, good lord why?]
Summary: It's pretty much in the title.
Link(s) to fic:
Dreamwidth link: http://zee-zeemagee.dreamwidth.org/29616.html
Livejournal link: http://zeezeemagee.livejournal.com/27845.html
Secrets and Lies - ceares
Title: Perfect Strangers
Author: calliotrope
Characters/Pairings: Hardison/Parker, Pre Hardison/Parker/Eliot Spencer
Rating: General Audiences
Genre: a/u
Warnings/spoilers: none
Summary: The first time Eliot crossed paths with Parker and Hardison, he was barely aware of their existence.
Link to fic
Death - zeezeemagee
Title: A Modern Myth
Author: lady_yashka
Characters/Pairings: Leverage Team, Sam, Dean, Charlie
Rating: PG
Genre: Gen
Warnings/spoilers: Spoilers for all seasons of Leverage and season eight of Supernatural
Word Count: 11,036
Summary: Nathan Ford was very familiar with the reality of death. This was different though. This time it was his own he was facing.
Fic Masterpost
Stay - acquariusgb
Title: Days of Past Returning
Author: telaryn
Characters/Pairings: All canon characters. Once again, the nod for Chapman's first name belongs to scout_lover
Rating: PG-13
Genre: Gen/Case-Fic
Warnings/spoilers: Ostensibly spoilers through The San Lorenzo Job
Word Count: ~15K
Summary: Two men entered Damien Moreau's private pool that day in Washington. How differently would things have gone for the team if only Hardison had walked out?
Link(s) to fic: http://theroadhouse.dreamwidth.org/107807.html
Danger - ultra_fic
Title: Danger
Author: zeezeemagee
Characters/Pairings: Eliot/Parker-ish, Hardison/Parker, slight Nate/Sophie if you squint real hard and pay very close attention to one line only, Eliot/Moreau though technically it's only mentioned and barely hinted at as anything besides business but it still totally counts.
Rating: T
Genre: Violence and General, Con and Heist, a little bit of angst
Warnings/spoilers: Eliot whumpage and Parker whumpage, blood
Word Count: 18,945
Summary: Eliot’s in trouble and it’s up to Parker to save him. The only problem is that it isn’t her Eliot she’s saving. No, Parker somehow found a way to travel through time. (Who really knows how? It is Parker after all.) Now she has to keep Eliot alive so he can find his path to the team and manage not to change it completely. And she has to find her way back to her own time too. Somehow. She hasn’t quite figured out how yet. Surprises keep popping up in her way.
On Livejournal
Art- kymericl
Title: The Audition Job
Author: yanzadracan
Characters/Pairings: Eliot Spencer; Neal Caffrey; Parker; Alec Hardison; Peter Burke; Elizabeth Burke; Mozzie; June Ellington; Rebecca Lowe; Original Characters; The Italian; Clinton Jones; Diana Berrigan
Rating: PG-15
Genre: Slash & Het
Warnings/spoilers: Neal’s backstory strays from canon; The Rundown Job forward through post Leverage. From White Collar Season 3, Gloves Off episode forward. Skewing of back stories, and current story lines to fit my ‘verse.
Word Count: 18,586
Summary: Alternate Universe - Canon Divergence; Neal Caffrey is playing a long game but it could end up costing him everything. Parker discovers Eliot has a hidden talent.
At AO3
The Cosplay Job - pixymisa
Title: Eliot's No Good, Very Bad (Totally Awesome) Weekend
Author: ishilde
Characters/Pairings: Eliot/Hardison, minor OCs, (actors? Nathan Fillion, NPH, Felicia Day, Wil Wheaton)
Rating: G
Genre: crack, pre-slash
Warnings/spoilers: Vague references to the Gone Fishin' Job and other episodes.
Word Count: 10,095
Summary: Five things Eliot was forced to endure through Hardison's conventions, and one that wasn't so bad after all.
Part One
The Eyes of Heaven - just_ruth
Title: The Eyes of Heaven
Author: telaryn
Characters/Pairings: SPN/Leverage crossover. All canon characters, just some of them with a little extra twist.
Rating: PG-13
Genre: Gen
Warnings/spoilers: Ostensibly spoilers through The Maltese Falcon Job
Word Count: ~11K
Summary: The death of his son is only the beginning. Nathan Ford has a major role to play on the cosmic stage - but fortunately a few very special souls are willing to stick around and make sure he finds his way.
Tags: !reversebigbang, masterlist, year!2013/14
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