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A Short Guide to: the Leverage Big Bang Free For All

The Leverage Big Bang Free For All (aka amnesty didn't work as a name anymore so your mod had to think of a different name.)

The Free For All will open on the 13th April and close on the 1st June.

Why a Free For All?
There are two reasons for this free for all:
1. To have something made for the pieces of art that didn't get any accompanying works (these will be highlighted).
2. To give those of you who didn't have time/couldn't write something of the length required a chance to take part

What are the rules?
-There is no minimum word count.
-You can make complementary art or write an epic poem, or a series of drabbles, or do a podfic - anything goes!
-Your work should be posted in a comment on the relevant masterpost - this can be a link, but should include a snippet of the work or a thumbnail whichever is relevant.
-No bashing anyone's work, or appropriating it without the creators permission. This should be a given, but just in case.
-There will be a masterlist of the works that are part of the Free For All
-Also - If you took part in a previous round of the Leverage Big Bang, you can request that I add your work into the Free For All.

As ever if you have any issues, concerns or questions, please do not hesitate to contact me.
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