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Free for all Extended

I am extending the free for all until the 29th June - given how quiet it has been - and I will be doing a big promo push this week.

As a reminder you can writer or create any length/size of work you want, inspired by any of the works in the masterlist. Your work can be posted at anytime during the free for all period, in a comment on the work that inspired it.

Rules and guidelines are here.

And you can use the simple graphic below to promote the free for all if you wish.


Also if there is any interest in another big bang running in the near future, please let me know (it would be a standard big bang - given this round of the reverse big bang, I'm not sure if there will be another).

Any questions/concerns please let me know :)
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I didn't say anything, but the picture of winged Parker got me motivated to write a piece for it. Appreciate the extra time as the Muses keep playing with my plot line. I could have done the 1st, but I'd have been in the doghouse a bit.

I really like reverse bigbangs, but was disappointed when my artist seemed to vanish after posting their original piece. With the new show, The Librarians coming soon, I can already imagine the crossovers between Christian's characters Eliot Spencer and Jake Stone. *fans self* Phew.
Yeah - I like reverse big bangs - but this time there were artists who vanished after submitting and there weren't many writers interested in taking part based on the types/themes of the art - they're always more difficult sadly
You mean, you aren't sure it will be next Reverse Big Bang, or normal Big Bang after the next one?
I meant that I'm not sure there will be another reverse big bang - because of the response this time
Hi ;) My muse is just starting to come back & my Leverage muse is poking so I came to check out if and when the next bigbang will be - with hopes there will be one?

However perusing the last posts I wanted to drop a note and a suggestion. First I love that you had a open inspiration bang (& may still peruse). I get that it was because of lack of writers that pushed for a solution. We came across the same problem in Dark Angel. I was only co-mod and a writer. In our 1st round IMO I thought artists had too much detailed summary, or specific pairings that pinholed writers (frankly we had more het artists vs slash writers and most didn't want to write het.) As a mod I ended up writing 4 fics that round and 2 the following round (& I'm told our last round).

The suggestion is what I've been thinking of doing over on Dark Angel an alternative to a reversebang (& I'm still in the thought process/retooling), but I'd also love to see a version of it in Leverage. The thought is writers or artists create a work, but neither side really have a say on what the person who is inspired actually does because the whole premiss is its based on what inspires and moves you to create. So if an artist does something a writer can take it and write something wherever their imagination takes them, but based solely on the fact that the work truly inspired them. The mix up is an artist can also respond not just a writer. Same on the other side a writer writers a piece to submit and either artist or another writer can be inspired to create work based on what inspired them. A writer maybe is inspired to take a scene from another character's pov, that they overheard or saw something - or just what other characters were doing in the background because they were not the focal point, a missing scene etc..

I was thinking to give everyone something like 2 months to create- then an entire week to post under lock then at the end of the week create a masterlist of all the works and set a date a month or two later, so people can look, read, and create a responding piece to post openly over a span of a week or weekend. Afterward create a master list of corresponding works. Problems not every piece will inspire another piece- something I plan to warn for heavily for, also some pieces could inspire a dozen works- its not on favoritism, but inspiration, and I don't want to force to create something just because. Again its a idea that I'm still working the kinks out of - but like you I <3 my smaller fandoms and want to see them continue on. Now I'm going to peruse those works and see if something doesn't strike me ;)