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Leverage Big Bang
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A Big Bang challenge for the TV show Leverage

Important dates

2013/14 Reverse Big Bang Schedule:

1st - 29th September - Artist sign ups (closed)
1st September - 17th November - Writer Sign Ups (closed)
11th November - Art Drafts due
17th - 24th November - Claiming period
25th November - Artists and Writers Pairings confirmed
19th January - Writers Drafts due
9th February - Final drafts of all work due - posting dates claimed
11th February - Posting schedule confirmed
16th February - 2nd March - Main Posting period
9th - 30th March - Amnesty Posting Period

Other important things

~ Minimum word count for fics in the Normal Big Bang is: 15,000
~ Minimum word count for the reverse big bang is: 10,000
~ You must be a member of this community to participate
~ The F.A.Q post can be found here
~ For those signed up, we have omgleveragebb open to you all for all of your support/ranting/flailing needs :)
- Also on dreamwidth - http://thebigbangjob.dreamwidth.org/

Note: This year we won't be running on GMT, as long as it is still a certain date somewhere in the world, you're good. It is however worth noting that the primary mods are GMT based.

Team of Mod's

Creator: charlies_dragon
Mods: weaselett


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~ whitepawns
~ bigbangnews
~ whitecollar_bb

If you would like to be affiliated with us, please email the mods (address in contact section of profile).


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Some wording and post-layout structures come from the wonderful and lovely spn_j2_bigbang as the mods were kind enough to let me use their BigBang as a template for this. Thanks m'dears.

Layout profile code thanks to ReversesCollide